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Having a Wix Website

I have been so impressed with Wix, they have so many great features and tools to build a really good functional website. In this blog I'll go through some of these features and how they've benefited our website.

The ability to have a video background has been one of the best things about using Wix, we were able to create a short loop-able video to upload direct to the website and it plays there when people arrive on the landing page. There are also videos available from Wix to use for free as well as a variety of image categories too.

Editing Text

There are a number of fonts and text options to choose from to really customise your website so it's exactly how you want it to look. The ability to link text to anything from websites, pages on your site, anchors on your site, email addresses, phone numbers allows for so much flexibility when it comes to navigating around your site.

Being able to quickly and easily change text size and font is really helpful, especially when it comes to consistency. Making sure all your fonts are the same is a big part of making a professional looking website.

There are also options to animate text and objects when they first appear on the site.

Free Images

There are so many images available from Wix; for instance if we wanted a camera image for our website or even our blog, we just have to type in camera and you can see how much of a choice there is.


One of the best things about Wix are their 'Strips', these are like pre-made sections that just pop straight into your website with ease. Below you can see a list of services, which are easily moved around in columns. The best thing about the strips are that they automatically resize depending on the browser window which means no information is lost!

As you can see everything can be customised to fit in with a chosen colour scheme.

Everything, including buttons can be changed and made to look exactly how you want it. Even what colour you want the button to be when you hover your mouse over it! It takes time and patience but it's worth it in the end for that professional finish.


In case you haven't guessed already, we are all about Videos at Pinpoint Pictures. This means we need our website to be able to show off our work. With WixVideo we can link all our films into a channel that can be played on our website in a manner of different ways. We have ours set up as a carousel, but you can have them displayed in other layouts.

You can select which video you have displaying first, ours is our showreel.


Another massive part of our business are the reviews we get from our clients. Another strip from Wix enables us to place all our testimonials in one place that rotate along on a timed interval.

As you can see here we have added a corresponding background image to each testimonial.

123 Form Builder

This has been a brilliant tool that will in time be an integral part of our Wedding Videography business. A Customisable form builder where you can add various options to gather information from potential clients. You can change the font, change the size of boxes and have the form sent to several email addresses. It really makes gathering information easier for both the client and for us!

Contact Us

As you can tell from reading this blog, there is a huge scope for having different ways of interacting with various elements of the website. For the contact us section we have implemented these with the ability to link to a phone number as well as an email address. For our mobile site this is particularly useful as it will send the phone number directly to your outgoing call screen! As you can also see below we link to our social media pages and have a live Instagram feed showing off our latest images.

We've also been able to show that we have two bases thanks to the integration of Google Maps on our website. This is a great way to show google where we are based on an SEO (search engine optimization) basis as well as potential clients. The maps work brilliantly side by side.

Mobile Optimization

Having a fully functional mobile website is as important, if not more important than a desktop site. Early stats are revealing that 80% of our website views have been viewed through a mobile device. Luckily Wix has got us covered here as well.

As you can see, when editing the mobile version of your site the view changes conveniently to that of a mobile screen.

This gives you a great idea on what your website looks like on a mobile device. There is a significant difference as phones are orientated in portrait and the desktop is mainly landscape. This can often mean when switching for the first time that the website is a bit of a mess to look at.

Luckily, using the strips we've been able to maintain the general structure of our website and have only had to adjust a few things.

If it looks like too much hard work to adjust everything, Wix has a handy button you can press that will optimize your site for mobiles.

Once that is clicked everything shifts to look great on a mobile device. Some things still need adjusting though so you need to make sure to check every page before publishing it.

There are some elements that you can choose not to have on show on the mobile site which is shown by the eye icon.

Setting up your site for mobile could not be easier!

Social Media

#socialmedia is so important to our business. It's a great way to interact with customers and keep everyone up to date on what we are up to. Wix evidently knows this and has that covered as well. As you can see we have got Facebook, Twitter & Instagram covered on our website, with a direct feed to our Facebook page right there on our site! This helps keep the website active and up to date as well as giving people the chance to like/ share things straight from our website.

All in all we've loved using Wix to build our website and can't wait to see what new features are added in the future. We've already had several comments on how good our website looks and we have a lot to thank Wix for!

Thanks for reading!

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