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This will be a post about the music we choose for our videos, where we source it from and some information on licensing.

The visuals in our videos are down to us and how we film them, the only credit we can take for the music is the choice of track.

Music makes a massive difference to the production value of a film, we've always enjoyed trawling through sites trying to find the best music for each production.

For different videos, we use different music; for different music we use different websites. For our corporate videos, our go to site is audiojungle.net as they have a great selection of affordable music perfect for corporate use.

In this video we made for ACC Wheels, the music plays a big part in the video. This track is also from Audio Jungle as is the vinyl crackle sound effect at the start. We had great fun making this one!

When it comes to Wedding Films, the production value needs to be high. As great as Audio Jungle is for corporate, we like to use other sites for more cinematic quality music. The sites we use are more expensive but in our experience you pay for the extra quality. Sites like Musicbed and Art List have fantastic music for weddings; wonderfully moody cinematic scores and professional tracks from aspiring artists.

We spend hours and hours going through these websites looking for new music to put to our films and videos. They are regularly updated so it's always worth having a look on a weekly basis to see what the new music is like!


The reason we choose to use these sites and not well known popular music is due to copyright laws. Not only do you need permission to use these tracks, but you'd also need to pay a hefty license fee to use such tracks.

The music licenses we get cover use on the web as well as DVD distribution. As our videos are mainly for web viewing we need to make sure there is no potential copyright claim on there as Youtube & Vimeo are very clever at seeing such things!

With places like Art List, their agreement with their artists guarantee the music is royalty free so we don't have to worry. The other advantage to Art List is that you pay a one off yearly subscription and can use all the songs as many times as you like.

With Musicbed, they have specific licenses for specific projects, Weddings is a handy category for us! They provide single use or 5 use licenses, so if there's a song we particularly like we will more than likely get the 5 use license!

Audio Jungle is also a single use license with several variations depending on the medium in which the project is distributed! 'Most web uses' in their Standard License covers us more often than not.

So there are loads of websites to choose from for music, with each one having it's own advantages for different reasons.

Why not have a browse through Musicbed and Art List or even Audio Jungle to see what kind of music they do. Leave a comment with any tracks you think we might like!

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