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We know the value of social media! We've really stepped up how active we are on our Facebook and Instagram accounts; not only is it a great way for people to see what we are up to, but gives us an opportunity to show off our work.

Instagram Videos

Instagram isn't all about photo's though, we now have the ability to post videos on there too! As long as the video is under 1 minute you can post it on your profile as if it were a photo.

We are hoping to push this as something we can offer clients, for a small extra fee we can turn your promotional video into an 'Instagram Friendly' version that's under one minute. With these smaller versions we focus on the best looking shots and key points from the original video.

Here you can see our original 2 minute film for Grease Lightning Oven Cleaning.

Whilst this was great for Facebook and their website, they needed a version under one minute that could go on Instagram. So we created this version below!

As you can see it includes all the main key points from the original version as well as the best shots. We used the same music but shortened that to fit into a 59 second video!

We can just make shorter versions to begin with however if you believe that's all you need. Whilst you don't get as much in them, shorter videos are better for holding people's attention for longer and means they can go on Instagram straight away! Like this one we did for VIP Antiques.

We also include 30 second Instagram promos for all our Wedding Videography packages. These show off the very best shots of the big day. Not only this but we also make 3-5 minute 'Facebook Friendly' films too for people who don't want to watch through the whole wedding film!

Facebook Banner Videos

Another new style of video that has become very popular are Facebook banner videos! Rather than the traditional cover photo's that we all have on our personal accounts, you can really make your business page stand out using a video!

As you can see we have used a selection of clips from our showreel to show what we can do and people can see this as soon as they click on our Facebook page.

We can create similar videos for any business! For only £25 we can take the footage from your video and make it into a 20 second loopable clip.

The best thing about them is that more than one feature of the business can be shown there, with just a photo you are limited to that one photo. With a video you can use several shots and even put your logo or any text for that matter on there too.

We hope you have found this blog post interesting, and shown you what possibilities are out there for making the most of your videos! If you liked it or think someone may find this information useful, give it a like or a share!

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