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What to expect from a Wedding Videographer

We’ve been asked many times ‘How it works’ when you have someone film your big day, so we thought we’d write a blog to help couples understand exactly what happens when you book Pinpoint Pictures to film your wedding!

Sophie & Caerwyn (Instagram Trailer)


Lets start at the beginning.

We recommend you book early to get the videographer you want. The weekends soon fill up and before you know it they’re fully booked. Sometimes you may be able to chance it and book within a few months but as with many things it’s best to be organised to avoid disappointment!

When we take a booking we send the couple a booking form which has all the information we need in it from bride and groom prep addresses to the venue and timing of the ceremony. It helps us plan logistics and manage our schedule.

We don’t always meet our clients beforehand but this can be arranged to go over anything or just to get to know us before filming your big day!

Usually all we need prior to filming is the booking form and a deposit to secure the date and we will be there.

The Big Day

One of the things that is very important to us is that we don’t get in the way, we are there to capture the day as it unfolds naturally. We try not to ‘direct’ the couple and instead capture natural moments between them, as well as all their guests!

Another important part of how we work is that we blend in, we dress like we are guests at the wedding.

The cameras we use are small and are often mistaken for photography cameras! We like to hide in plain sight and go unnoticed. If you don’t notice we are there then we are more likely to capture those natural moments.

So as the day begins two videographers will turn up to film the bride prep and groom prep at a time chosen by you. We spend the morning filming you getting ready, having a laugh, the dress, the suit etc

Once everyone’s ready the groom prep videographer goes to film the venue along with guests arriving shots. We set up 2 cameras to film the ceremony so we can provide a 2 camera edit of the whole thing (we do the same for the speeches).

The other videographer arrives along with the Bride and we film the ceremony in full. We usually have one videographer at the back and one at the front. We also give the groom a microphone to wear that captures lovely clean audio for the all important vows. This also picks up the brides voice.

After the ceremony is over the two videographers spend their time filming guests mingling and having a good time as well as the confetti shot if there is one!

We will also tag along on the couples photoshoot with the photographer and film them having their photos taken, this often provides lovely natural moments between the couple.

Usually we take a break during the wedding breakfast, people don’t like to see themselves eat! We will either grab a snack or film anything we feel we may have missed. This is usually a good time to film the venue.

Next up is the speeches and like the ceremony we film this with 2 cameras, one on the person speaking and one on the couple’s reactions. This provides enough coverage to make a nice edit of the whole thing too.

Once the speeches are done we film the cake cutting, mingling and any evening photoshoots that may happen. As well as this we film the first dance, again with 2 cameras.

We stay and film as much dancing as we can, it’s a great way to end a wedding film. Once we have enough footage we disappear into the night.


We usually allow 6-10 weeks to get an edit to the couple, as they can soon pile up in the busy season! Typically they take about a week to create from start to finish, this involves going through all the footage, selecting the best shots, syncing up the ceremony and speeches and then editing it all to music.

Once that is done the colour grade is added and the films are done! We upload them to Vimeo and send private links over for the couples approval. Once we get the green light we can start making the DVD or Blu-Ray, to then send to the couple.

Usually the films are watched online but we like to give a physical copy as a keepsake and to be able to show to people without access to the internet.

We love to make these films and it’s such a privilege to be involved in a couples wedding day, we hope you found this blog useful! Feel free to share it with anyone who has a videographer booked or is thinking of having one!

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