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Why I love being your Wedding Videographer and Film Editor

It’s a real honour to be invited to a wedding as a guest. It’s even more of an honour to be asked to capture the day and create a film that a couple will watch forever.

A wedding film is something that will be cherished forever, not just another job for me. Every single wedding is different – every wedding is it’s own love story and that is important. It’s vital to get a feel for the day and watch it unfold naturally.

A huge part of the wedding films I create is the use of speeches, this gives an added depth to the highlights film and really brings it to life. I see so many drab, borderline depressing wedding films that are seemingly going for that dramatic romantic approach but it comes across all wrong. A wedding is a celebration and the film should reflect that, of course there will be moments of emotion but first and foremost the film should be a fun thing to watch!


Being a Part of Significant Moments:

   It’s a real privilege to be involved in peoples ‘best day of their lives’ and as a wedding videographer, you are not just an observer but an active participant in some of life's most significant moments. From the nervous excitement of getting ready to the exuberant celebrations on the dance floor, being there to witness and document these moments is an honour that few professions can match.


Diverse and Ever-Changing Environments:

   Wedding videography takes me to all sorts of diverse, beautiful and challenging environments. From intimate outdoor ceremonies to spectacular church weddings, each presents a new creative challenge that I absolutely thrive on. The variety of locations, cultures, and traditions ensures that every project is a fresh and exciting opportunity to explore different techniques and ideas. Last year I filmed at the iconic St Mary Redcliffe Church in Bristol as well as the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge. A month later and I was flying my drone over the Royal Crescent in Bath!

Dayana & Martin with the spectacular backdrop of the Clifton Suspension Bridge


Personal Growth and Skill Development:

   Being a wedding videographer isn't just about documenting weddings; it also provides personal growth and skill development. The dynamic nature of wedding environments challenges me to adapt, improvise, and enhance skills continuously. From mastering new equipment to refining storytelling techniques, the profession is a constant learning experience. For example, new technology has meant that our cameras can now deal with low light situations, whereas in the past we’d need to either use lights or up the brightness. The ability to film dancefloors at the same resolution/ exposure/ frame rate as the rest of the day without any issue has not only made my life easier but benefitted the end result too.

Deli & Ibrahim put on a fantastic day at Bury Court Barn, ending in a Sparklers line!


Building Meaningful Connections:

   Working with couples and their friends and families has become one of my favourite parts of filming a wedding. Getting to know everyone in the build up and watching them all celebrate is a real pleasure to behold. I get some of the nicest feedback for my work and it really does mean a lot when you’ve been part of someone's day that they will remember forever.

Creating Lasting Memories:

   The impact of a well-crafted wedding film extends far beyond the immediate celebration. Wedding videographers have the power to create lasting memories for couples and their families to look back on for generations. The films become cherished keepsakes, taking viewers back to the emotions, laughter, and beauty of the wedding day. Having had my own Wedding filmed, I can wholeheartedly appreciate the importance of having a wedding film.



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